Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Great expectation caused the visit of the Dallas Cowgirls, who wore their sculptural bodies during the “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Swimsuit Fashion Show”.

The sexiest cheerleaders in the NFL are in this Destination for photographic sessions that will serve for the official calendar. Also, the images taken in natural settings will be part of the tourist promotion of the area.

Bikini Catwalk

The Vallarta Gardens pool area was visited by the Dallas Cowgirls, this is a great promotion for the destination, guests enjoyed the visit, especially during the photo shoot and autograph signing.

In an atmosphere of encouragement and glamor, attendees were able to take pictures with the cheerleaders and enjoy the dishes courtesy of Vallarta Gardens.

At dusk the catwalk began where the Cowgirls would wear their traditional white and blue suits with their fascinating white high boots while executing their routines to delight everyone present.

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