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Vallarta Gardens Scams – Explore the beauty of Puerto Vallarta with our guided excursions or simply unwind on our private beach, where the rhythm of the waves creates a symphony of relaxation. With breathtaking sunsets painting the sky each evening, Vallarta Gardens is more than a destination; it’s an experience that lingers in your memory long after you’ve returned home.


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Overall experience was good. We enjoyed our stay very much. Grounds were beautiful and the staff was very helpfully and nice and happy. Be nice when construction is over, but i understand this needs to happen to improve. Can’t really say what is required to improve. Maybe improve sand at the beach area close to swimming pools.
Albert V.
Some of the best beach front in the cruise and a fantastic swimming pool with wonderful room amenities
Angelina S.
It was perfect, the chef prepared dinner for our 30th Anniversary was so delicious, enjoyed on our own deck. Thank you all the staff are welcoming and very helpful with any needs that may arise. Even the construction crews are pleasant and courteous. keep up with the changes, they are fantastic so far 🙂
Georgette H.

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Vallarta Gardens Scams Warning

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Recently, there has been a sharp increase in fraud and scam of all kinds across all business and industry sectors, including credit card fraud, account holder fraud, insurance fraud, and even vacation club fraud. We are writing to let you know about a particular scam we have learned of.


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Puerto Vallarta WEATHER

Puerto Vallarta WEATHER
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